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Each of us has our own hero. He delights us. He gives strength and courage, because his abilities seem infinite. He makes the impossible possible. However, we ​​come across heroes that are inconspicuous, at first sight. We have such in Style Deluxe.

You will not see them in the spotlights, but Style Deluxe would not be itself without them. It is our incredible team with a quivering attitude to beauty and quality, with professional flair and experience. Every day we achieve more results, more comfort, more efficiency and more of what is highly valued by you. We are worthy of our heroes, because you become the best version of yourself when you feel beautiful. We perform our little feats every day for that.

The philosophy of Style Deluxe is simple: to be the best in everything and to provide a service that completely eliminates competitors. Not only do we know what magic is, we create it. Happy_wow_style is a way of life for the elite.


Price List

Price List

Beauty & Hair Salon

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  • Adress:
  • Literaturnaya st. 1-А
    residential complex «Bilyy Parus»
    1 st floor
  • Working hours:
  • From 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM everyday
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